How Do You Know if a Fishing Boat is Being Operated by a Professional and Reliable Captain?

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Selecting a reputable and certified fishing charter service in a place you have never gotten into before is surely a daunting job. Other than not knowing which fishing charters are most established, how the weather conditions might affect the time you spend on the water, or what the best season for fishing is – you are basically depending on the reputation of the fishing captains on your local area and also, the marketing efforts they have handled to promote their company or business.

As a matter of fact, that is a very risky proposition since some professional and experience fishermen are much better marketers compared to anglers. Therefore, how would you know if the fishing charter service is being ran by a professional and experienced fishing captain? The following are some of the few simple rules you need to comply when sizing up the capability and legitimacy of a prospective fishing charter service:

1. Identify how long the fishing charter service has been in the industry

2. Learn more about the fishing captain’s experiences and credentials

3. Find out whether the fishing charter is a part-time or a full-time operation

4. Ask more about the normal day on the water

This is actually a fair straightforward job that can be done politely and easily. Professional fishing charter captains are always glad and proud to boast about the longevity and health of their fishing charter business. In addition to that, the trick is to directly speak with the fishing captain and not an administrative officer or a booking service. Most fishing charter companies are operated by a boat operator however, it is also very usual to see a marina officer making the reservations and answering the phone. Once you are able to talk to the captain over the phone, you should be polite at all times, and that is the first rule that you should comply.

Always keep in mind that you’re interviewing a fishing captain for a bit of important details about their company with the main goal of learning what they are and who they really are all about. If the fishing captain does not want to talk to you or seems a little bit irritated – that is the first sign what you must likely find someone else. Having said that, a fishing charter service is a business that means that the customer service must come first and there is definitely no excuse for hiring someone who is stoic, unpleasant or rude for that matter. The most ambitious and successful fishing captains love their work and are willing to take everyone out for fishing.

Once you are able to talk to the fishing captain, ask them about their length of service. Make them tell you everything they have experienced as a fishing captain, as a professional. However, do not be rude because some fishing captains take offense if someone questions the legitimacy and reliability of their fishing business. Contact a professional for more details about Fishing for Halibut in BC.

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