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Importance of Ventilation in Metal Roofs

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Just like other forms of roofing, metal roofing depends on static ventilation. For those who don’t know, static ventilation does not rely on forced methods, such as fans, to create air movement. The roof itself is made to encourage natural air flow. Static ventilation uses rising hot air to help move moisture and heat out of the attic.

To help your roof keep a cool temperature, it’s important to have proper ventilation in the attic. It does not matter what material your roof is made of. It is an excellent idea to allow the roof to breathe. Because of this, you need to have a well-designed ventilation plan.

Today, we’re going to share with you the importance of ventilation in metal roofs. If you think your roof doesn’t have proper ventilation, you can hire a residential or commercial roof repair Fort Worth company for help.

Prevent Ice Dams During Cold Months

One of the most common issues with metal roofs is ice dams. This is particularly true if you’re living in a region that tends to get extremely cold during winter. Ice dams occur if warm air inside your house reaches the deck of the roof. The warm air causes the ice on the roof to melt. As it melts, the melted ice will run down the roof and will freeze again on the overhang. This process develops extremely damaging and dangerous ice dams.

If your roof is properly ventilated, it can maintain the temperatures in the attic. Therefore, it can help avoid the formation of ice dams in the first place.

Condensation Problems

For those who don’t know, our household can produce a lot of moisture through activities. This can include doing laundry, cooking, showering, and bathing. So, where will the moisture go? Most of the time, it will move up. Then, it will condense on cooler surfaces once it reaches your attic.

This accumulated moisture can help breed mildew and mold. In addition to that, it can also lead to structural damage. You can help prevent this problem from happening if your attic is well ventilated. It will also help maintain dry insulation in the attic.

Energy Efficiency

To make things simple, your attic will get hot if the roof gets hot during a sunny day. Since your attic is part of your house, your property will also get hot as your attic heats up. Because of this, your AC unit will have to work more to provide cool air around the house. This can increase your energy usage.

If you’ve got a metal roof, one benefit you’re getting is that metal reflects the radiation of the sun. However, it can still get hot. Because of that, it’s crucial to have a roof ventilation system.

Ridge Vents

One of the ideal ways to encourage proper ventilation in your attic is ridge vents. You can install these vents throughout the whole length of your ridgeline. You can also introduce fresh air in your attic if you combine ridge vents with soffit vents under the roof.

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